Understanding Product Rights

1. What Are Products Rights?

Product Rights are rights that you get when you purchase a product.  So for every information product (ebook, article, software, video) you purchase, the owner of that product gives you a license that allows you to do certain things with that product.  The license tells you what you can and cannot do with that product.  Some types of licenses include Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resale Rights, Resell Rights, and Personal Use Rights.

2. What Are Private Label Rights or PLR?

Private Label Rights also known as “PLR” give you the right to rebrand and resell the product to your customers.  You can put your name on the product as if you wrote or created the product and then use the product for your own private use or resell the product to your customers.  PLR products are a great way to get started with selling products with an online business, add products to an existing business, or add content to your blog, websites, or mail list.

3. What Are Resell Rights?

Resell Rights mean that the product can be resold to your customers. You can only sell the product “as-is” and can’t pass on a MRR license to your customers. You’re allowed to pass on the RR, GAR, PU, CU rights to your customers.

You also can’t edit the content of the product.

4. What Are Master Resale Rights or MRR?

With Master Resell Rights, you are provided permission to sell it or pass on the MRR, RR, GAR, PU, CU rights to your customers. For instance, if you download a product that comes with MRR, your customer is allowed to do the same (i.e. sell that product to their customers).

Note: You can’t edit the content of the product!

5. GAR: Give Away Rights

This product license relates to digital products that come with the rights to distribute them online, give them to your subscribers, and share them with your friends, family.

Just remember that this doesn’t mean you can sell the products! It simply states that you can give them away for free. Having said that, some GAR products state that they can be sold under certain circumstances.